Differential gear simulated, Drexler joins Nanorex

Even if you’re not technical, click through this link to see the excellent graphics: For the first time, a molecular dynamics simulation has been run on the Drexler-Merkle differential gear design. The simulation was done by Mark Sims, President and founder of Nanorex, with the nano-ENGINEER1 simulator using an MM2 force field. Sims responded to our query on gear speed: “Regarding speed, the gear went from 0 to 60 GHz in 65 picoseconds. I did not run it long enough for the gear to reach its full speed of 100 GHz.”

One of the gear’s designers, Foresight founder and Nanosystems author Dr. K. Eric Drexler, has joined Nanorex as Chief Nanotechnology Technical Advisor. Sims comments: “We are very excited to have Dr. Drexler join our team. With his unparalleled knowledge of molecular design, Drexler will help nanoENGINEER-1 become the premiere design software in this field.” Sims aims to create top-of-the line molecular engineering tools for researchers and students pushing the frontier in molecular design and nanoscale engineering.

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