Dip-pen Nanolithography

Mr_Farlops writes "With a scanning probe microscope acting as pen and DNA acting as ink, scientists have built nanoscopic arrays that will soon revolutionize research in molecular biology. These tiny arrays would be the last statement in gene-testing chips because, by reducing things to the ultimate testing compenents, single strands of DNA, they will be much cheaper and faster to make than conventional gene chips.The arrays may have extensive use in nanotechnology as well because the builder can control which strands of DNA bind to which spots on the substrate and since each strand of DNA will only bind with its corresponding complement of base-pairs, one can quickly sort molecules, reagents, enzymes, etc.

"By taking advantage of DNA as a type of biochemical Velcro, we should be able to build a circuit, a catalyst, a sensor or a transistor from the bottom up, instead of the top down." says, Chad A. Mirkin, director of Northwestern Universityís Institute for Nanotechnology and one of the chief developers of dip-pen nanolithography."

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