Eleven new nanotech essays from CRN

Another batch of eleven essays on molecular manufacturing brought to you by CRN:

“Nanoethics and Technological Revolutions: A Précis” – Nick Bostrom
“From The Enlightenment to N-Lightenment” – Michael Buerger
“What Price Freedom?” – Robert A. Freitas Jr.
“The (Needed) New Economics of Abundance” – Steve Burgess
“Economic Impact of the Personal Nanofactory” – Robert A. Freitas Jr.
“Corporate Cornucopia: Examining the Special Implications of Commercial MNT Development” – Michael Vassar
“Molecular Manufacturing and the Developing World: Looking to Nanotechnology for Answers” – Don Maclurcan
“Considering Military and Ethical Implications of Nanofactory-level Nanotechnology” – Brian Wang
“Molecular Manufacturing and the Need for Crime Science” – Deborah Osborne
“Safer Molecular Manufacturing Through Nanoblocks” – Tom Craver
“Are We Enlightened Guardians, Or Are We Apes Designing Humans?” – Douglas Mulhall

Some longtime Foresight participants here, plus some new names. —Christine

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