European futurists speculate on nanotechnology

As we head into the weekend, a lighter note: Did you miss the 4th European Futurists Conference in Lucerne in October? So did I. But now we can spend the holidays enjoying Quicktime videos and hear some forecasts that may surprise those who think Europeans are less future-oriented than those in Asia and the U.S. Nanotechnology is addressed along with many other technologies and trends. Take Ian Pearson of BT:

Death will no longer be a big career problem

Enhanced human beings, customised cells and personal memories living in synthetic devices – Ian Pearson, British Telecommunications futurologist, takes a provocative look at the things to come.

Or how about the fellow from Nestle:

Our vision is to go beyond the prevention of deficiencies and to provide products that will maximize cognitive processes, mood, and brain performance…

Suggestion for next year: include one token U.S. futurist. I hereby volunteer! —Christine

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