European Computational HUB (PHANTOMS Network)

from the computational-tools dept.
Antonio Correia writes "PHANTOMS Computational Hub: a new tool for modelling and design of nanoscale electron devices. The main objective of the PHANTOMS network on Nanoelectronics (funded by the European Union under the IST programme) is to provide both researchers and industry access to the tools needed to create a multidisciplinary community and maintain them at the forefront of the nanoelectronics revolution. Information on this software hub initiative is available at the PHANTOMS website or by contacting Antonio Correia ([email protected]) / /"

"The new PHANTOMS computational hub, launched in April 2002, is a repository of simulation codes useful for the modelling and design of nanoscale electron devices, promoting the application of computational science to nanotechnology. Many groups in universities and research centres have developed advanced simulation software, which could be of interest for the general nanotechnology community: the mission of the PHANTOMS hub is to become the virtual venue where many of these codes can be run by registered users, sharing insights and comparing results."

"To make this initiative successful, contributions are solicited from researchers active in the field of modelling of nanoscale structures and devices. Currently, 16 codes such as MCDot (Monte Carlo simulator for single-electron circuits) and Transiesta (electron transport along molecular structures) are available and authors wishing to contribute their codes need only to provide the executables (in the form of Linux binaries) and a LaTeX document (with encapsulated PostScript figures) containing a tutorial."

"Since June 2002, a preprint archive, repository of preprints in the field of modelling and design in nanotechnology, is also available."

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