Europeans establish Nanobusiness Association

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An article on the Small Times website ("New European association will try to move nano from the lab to market", by Genevieve Oger, 17 April 2002) reports on the establishment of the European Nanobusiness Association (ENA), a group meant to advance Europeís role in nanotechnology, and encourage the emerging nanotech economy in Europe. ìOur end goal is the commercialization of nanotechnology in Europe,î said Tim Harper, chief executive of the nanotechnology consulting group CMP Cientifica and the new associationís executive director. ìHow do we make sure that good European research in this area doesnít end up getting exploited in the United States or in the Far East?î

According to the article, îThe associationís key objective is to act as a matchmaker of sorts, or at least an introduction service. The idea is to connect nanotechnology researchers with industry types who have the know-how and business sense to turn ideas and scientific discoveries into viable businesses. Underlying the venture is an oft-repeated criticism about Europeís innovation track record. Despite its top-notch facilities and research, Europe is seen as having difficulty translating its scientific and technical prowess into commercial successes.î

Harperís comments about making sure good European research doesnít end up getting exploited in the U.S. or Far East notwithstanding (though presumably he would not be opposed to it being marketed in those regions?), the new ENBA has formal ties to the U.S.-based NanoBusiness Alliance (NBA) in the United States and the Asia-Pacific Nanotechnology Forum (APNF). The European association has partnered with both. Mark Modzelewski, the founder and executive director of the NanoBusiness Alliance, also sits on the advisory board of the new European group.

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