Feynman Prize Winners

The 2004 Feynman Prize winners have been announced. They include Dr. David Baker and Dr. Brian Kuhlman for Theoretical Work, Dr. Homme Hellinga for Experimental Work, Howard Lovy for Communication and Damian Allis as a Distinguished Student.

Details follow…

Ed. Note. Howard's blog has his comments on the award and Damian's site is a trip. FORESIGHT INSTITUTE FEYNMAN PRIZES


Dr. David Baker of the University of Washington, Department of Biochemistry, and Dr. Brian Kuhlman, of the University of North Carolina, Dept of Biochemistry and Biophysics, received the theory prize for their development of RosettaDesign, a program that has a high success rate in designing stable protein structures with a specified backbone folding structure.


The Foresight Institute Feynman Prize for experimental work was awarded to Dr. Homme Hellinga, of Duke University's, Department of Biochemistry, for his achievement in the engineering of atomically precise devices capable of precise manipulation of other molecular structures.


The Foresight Institute Prize in Communication was awarded to Howard Lovy, nanotechnology journalist and author of the popular NanoBot Blog. Lovy has taken a leading role in educating the nanotechnology community about the long-term potential of molecular nanotechnology.


A Graduate Fellow at Nanorex Corporation and Syracuse University doctoral candidate, Damian Allis received the Foresight Distinguished Student Award for his work in the application of theoretical computational methods to the design and study of molecules and nanostructures, materials for molecular electronics, non-linear optical materials, and molecular building blocks and biomimetic principles.

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