Foresight Institute at Space Frontier Conference

Foresight’s Director of Development and Outreach Desiree D. Dudley will speak on a panel at the Space Frontier Foundation’s NewSpace 2012 conference at NASA-Ames July 26-28. Right now the schedule has the panel titled “Approaching the Tipping Point: How Emergent Technologies Will Change the Way We Look at the Future of Spaceflight” at 2pm Saturday July 28th. From the Conference home page:

The next disruptive innovation is already underway and it is in space.
The commercial space industry is building a new market with efficient business processes, a wide spectrum of technology, and almost prescient investors. It’s been said that the first trillionaires will be made through space industrialization and we’re going to show how space pioneers are creating new products and profits. NewSpace is undergoing rapid expansion, similar to the Internet explosion of the 1990’s, and needs to be filled with revolutionary businesses like yours.

The Space Frontier Foundation’s annual conference is one of the most important commercial space conferences in the nation, and will be in July in Silicon Valley. NewSpace 2012 is where networking with leaders, supporters, investors and activists evolves into enterprises that propel the industry upward. It will host a wide-range of thought-provoking panels and visionary keynote speakers that will surpass NewSpace 2011’s already highly-praised programming. …

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