Foresight Invitational Workshop&#58 Nanotechnology for Developing Countries

Nanotechnology for Developing Countries: the 2014 Foresight Invitational Workshop
February 7-9, 2014
Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel, Palo Alto
Silicon Valley, California, USA


Nanoscale technologies have the potential to bring immense benefits to developing countries, in areas ranging from water and energy to health and environmental restoration. But the challenges are correspondingly large; required steps include:

• Identify nanotechnologies that can make a difference near-term
• Design and build products that will actually be useful
• Bring these to market at affordable price points
• Balance intellectual property interests
• Speed enterprises past the “Valley of Death”
• Solve support and maintenance issues
• Avoid solving problems that local economies are already handling well

It’s time to gather the major players to tackle these in an invitational workshop, held in the center of high-tech entrepreneurship: Silicon Valley. Researchers, product developers, IP specialists, funders, and those with experience tackling real-world problems in developing countries will come together to find ways to “fast track” nanotechnologies to make a positive difference.

Once candidate research advances, technologies, or products are identified, vigorous efforts will be made to connect innovators with funders having experience in nano-based products. Additionally, it is understood that developing country markets have special requirements and new companies will need targeted advice to succeed.

This meeting is being held in parallel with Foresight’s “Integration Conference” to enable us to take advantage of the technical expertise gathered there.

The goal is to keep this initial workshop relatively small to enable intense interaction. Those requesting an invitation should send an email to [email protected] by October 16 with name and contact info.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

John Allen
President, i-Nano LLC
Co-Chairman, Nanotechnology for Developing Countries

Paul Melnyk
Co-Chairman, Nanotechnology for Developing Countries
President, Foresight Institute

Christine Peterson
Co-Founder, Foresight Institute

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