Foresight nanotechnology theme goes to law school

After 20 years of delivering Foresight’s message, we see it popping up everywhere, most recently in law school:

For the first time in history, we know something is coming that carries great potential and possible grave danger. The technology will revolutionize much of how we live in the world. The question becomes, how, as a society, can we prepare ourselves to best promote the benefits and prevent the risks?

That is indeed the question, and it’s good to see that Prof. Doug Sylvester and colleagues at Arizona State University are stepping up to the plate to try to answer it, or at least challenge their students to do so, in a graduate level course aimed at students in law, public policy, bioengineering, biomedicine, justice studies, and political science.

Lots of nanotech action at ASU these days. It gets so hot there in the summer, and their summer lasts a long time — maybe that’s why they get so much work done there: they have to stay inside where it’s cool, and as long as they’re inside, they might as well work on nanotech. —Christine

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