Foresight on Internet radio

Foresight President Christine Peterson will appear along with former Foresight President J. Storrs Hall on Internet radio on July 13 at 7:00 PM Pacific 10:00 PM Eastern “The World Transformed 2, Part 3“:

The digital age has fundamentally transformed humanity’s relationship with information. Through the advent of personal computer, Internet, smart phone, and social media technology, we have access to knowledge, to transactions, and to interpersonal communication that far transcends what was possible a few decades ago. The digitization of information has radically transformed almost every aspect of society — from education to careers, from entertainment to personal relationships, rom child rearing to high finance.

And yet the truly radical digital transformation has yet to come. Information was made digital through systems that arrange and precisely order patterns of electrons. What are the implications of coming systems that can can arrange and precisely order patterns of molecules? …

Added to The World Transformed web site July 14: Christine Peterson on Transformations.

Added to The World Transformed web site July 18: J. Storrs Hall on Transformations.

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