Foresight conference stimulates "Future Lust"

from the lusting-for-nanotech dept.
An item by digitech posted on slashdot by Senior Associate Jeff "Hemos" Bates brings our attention to a piece at Reason titled "More More More: Nanotechnology and the Law of Accelerating Returns" by Ronald Bailey on the recent Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology. Excerpts: "[Kurzweil's keynote] predictions of superfast progress received a sympathetic hearing at this gathering of around 400 nanotechnologists. That's hardly surprising of course: That's exactly what they are working to achieve…the fact is that very few practical nanodevices have made it out of the labs yet. Still, given an inkling of what the future may hold, I suffer not from Future Shock, but Future Lust."

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