Foresight people highlighted in NY Times

from the taking-a-long-view dept.
They've Seen the Future and Intend to Live It by Bruce Schechter in the NY Times (registration required) provides an informed and positive portrayal of the long range outlook that Dr. Ralph C. Merkle and other Foresight members bring to their views of life and the development of nanotechnology. Describing some of what was said at the most recent Foresight and IMM Senior Associates Gathering, the article travels from the National Nanotechnology Initiative and near term prospects to the "far more expansive vision of the future" held by Foresight members, and the link to cryonics, much in the news following Ted Williams's suspension (Nanodot July 10, 2002). Noting a claim made at the Gathering and cited in the article of an element of "spiritual longing" in the worldview of the Foresight Institute, RobVirkus writes "The New York Times highlights Ralph Merkle and others in the Foresight universe in this general overview article. Dr. Gregory Stock makes an interesting comment (to me at least) that "if you can't buy Christianity there is a strong desire to create those same visions of heaven and transcendence through our technologies." As a Christian I look forward to the real thing but also look forward to remaining youthful and healthy through technology advances while I am here in this world. I wonder if such advances will occur to test human motives?"

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