Forever young with nanotechnology

To round out our week in nanotech on an upbeat note, we have Caltech professor Michael Roukes‘ podcast over at Earth & Sky: Forever Young. In addition to the podcast, and there’s more at the Power of Small television show on medical applications of nanotechnology, which also appears to use the title Forever Young. From the Earth & Sky site:

Michael Roukes: “It’s become clear that we can think about biological systems, medical systems, in the same way we think about bits of information flowing through digital computers.”

That’s research scientist Michael Roukes, who’s with the Kavli Nanoscience Institute at Caltech. He’s talking about nanotechnology and medicine.

Michael Roukes: “I think the most profound – I use this word repeatedly – transformative potential that this technology has is to basically democratize modern medicine.”

In other words, nanotech has the potential to instantly diagnose and treat disease.

Bring it on! —Christine

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