Free demo: Molecular design courseware

Many Nanodot readers would like to move their careers in the direction of molecular modeling and design, with the longer term goal of designing molecular nanosystems. But many cannot take time out to go back to school full time. What to do?

Consider Molecular Conceptor: multimedia courseware claimed to be the equivalent of 70 hours of lectures. The company states that 200 academic institutions teach medicinal chemistry, drug design, and cheminformatics using the courseware. “One of the key features of Molecular Conceptor is its ability to visualize molecules in 3D. This is of paramount importance in drug design and molecular modeling for understanding the subtle recognition and discrimination processes of the molecular machinery.” (Emphasis added)

“Molecular Conceptor is particularly suited for self-learning, whether you are a student, a teacher or a medicinal chemist. You can refresh your understanding, initiate yourself with the field, or integrate this knowledge in a broader sense with your particular activities.” Downside: Windows only.

It’s quite expensive, but perhaps not so bad compared to going back to school. I could not find the price on their site, but found something elsewhere. Their client list is relatively light for North America and India, so perhaps readers in those locations could negotiate a deal: discounted or free courseware for you, in exchange for promotion help at your alma mater or nearby university. If the price is a barrier, it’s worth a try! —Christine

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