Futurist enters biostasis

from the au-revoir-but-not-goodbye? dept.
Futurist F.M. Esfandiary has been placed in cryostasis at Alcor Life Extension Foundation, reports the San Jose Mercury News: "The tall, affable, soft-spoken philosopher, visionary educator, lecturer and writer…was respected by scientists, engineers, students who took his classes and intellectuals who read his books or attended his lectures. A quarter-century ago he was predicting things that are now happening. What he called “teleshopping'' and “tele-education'' are now ordinary Internet activities. And he foresaw such medical and biological breakthroughs as fertilization and gestation outside the womb and the correction of genetic flaws." FM thought he would live to see the year 2030 — he may be proven correct on that prediction as well. Good luck to him and others now in residence at Alcor and other cryonics facilities, especially Foresight pal Phil Salin.

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