Genetic Mutant or high tech bio-art?

from the Bunny-bemusement dept.
Is a glowing bunny an aesthetic statement? rinkjustice calls our attention to this item, which raises some interesting questions about what happens when genetic manipulation moves beyond basic research and the treatment of genetic diseases into . . . other arenas:
"Chicago-based conceptual artist Eduardo Kac has created a stir when he was prevented from unveiling his latest high tech art named Alba, at an exhibition of digital art in Paris. Alba is a transgenic bunny that glows bright green in blue light. It was the result of splicing the green fluorescent protein from the Aequorea victoria jellyfish into the genes of a rabbit. Some called the denial of his exhibit censorship, while others — horrified at this genetic manipulation — accuse Kac of playing God.
Is Alba legitimate bio-art? Is it an indication of how house pets will be in the future? Kac is already in the process of combining said jellyfish protein with Mexican hairless dogs for a glow unobscured by fur."

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