Georgia Tech, NSF big on nanotech

from the there's-nothing-small-about-nanotechnology dept.
From a Cox News Service item, some excerpts: “There seems to be no limit to the possibilities of creating new things through nanotechnology,'' said Zhong Lin Wang, head of Georgia Tech's new Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Georgia Tech is among major institutions around the world that are banking much of their future on the new technology…Some leading researchers see the nano fields as ultimate solutions to mankind's age-old problems — disease, food shortages, lack of clean water and inadequate shelter. “Nanotechnology may offer the final answer for the sustainability of the world,'' said Mihail C. Roco, senior adviser on nanotechnology at the National Science Foundation. “We may be limited only by our ability to imagine.'' Read More for further excerpts. Move over, dot-com. A mind-boggling new science and its related technology are being hailed by leading scientists as the basis for what will be stupendous advancements in chemistry, physics, medicine, engineering, communications and a host of other disciplines during the 21st century…Like the revolution in communications spawned by the Internet, the nano fields promise to open the door to a new world of potent medicines, incredibly strong but lightweight materials and ultra-tiny machines — motors, computers, robots…The basis of the rapidly emerging technology is researchers' newfound ability to work at the incredibly small “nanometer'' level, atom by atom, molecule by molecule, to create structures with fundamentally new properties — similar to the way nature builds all things…

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