Get a free nanotechnology education via MIT

Like many MIT alumni, I have decidedly mixed feelings about the school, but one program to be entirely pleased with is OCW: OpenCourseWare, the free online provision of MIT course materials. They just reached a major milestone:

Join us as we celebrate the publication of virtually the entire MIT curriculum — 1800 courses — on OpenCourseWare.

That’s an amazing public service, and one that everyone involved with MIT should be proud of.

But why stop there? Now they also have course materials for high school students as well. From an MIT email to alumni:

H4HS includes resources for AP courses, video demonstrations, special courses developed by MIT students, and introductory MIT courses. MIT OCW averages more than one million visits each month, plus 500,000 more to translations in Chinese, Thai, Spanish, and Portugese. Now with 1,800 courses online, OCW expects to add about 200 new and updated courses each year.

Go MIT! Of course, there’s more to a college education in nanotech than looking at course materials — that pesky lab work, and the back-and-forth of discussion, for example — but this is a great start. —Christine

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