Goal of nanotech: atomically precise manufacturing

Photonics.com gives an overview of speakers on atomically precise fabrication at the Photonics West conference. An excerpt:

“Mark Lurie and Eric Drexler of the Foresight Nanotechnology Institute, a nanotechnology think tank and public interest organization, and Tom Hausken of Strategies Unlimited, a technology-focused market research and strategic planning company, appeared before a packed auditorium at one of the show’s market seminars. Lurie described the institute’s approach to developing nanotechnology, and Drexler provided technical details.

“Hausken presented an outlook on nanotechnology markets. He said he sees the technology not as an end in itself, but as an enabling technology that will be part of larger systems.

” ‘The goal is to develop atomically precise manufacturing in an atom-by-atom fashion,’ he said.”

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