Holiday Greetings from Foresight!

This holiday season, you’re invited to join with us in celebrating the following events:

  1. Foresight Announces Election of New President Larry Millstein
  2. Meet The President: Dinner Reception Monday 12/12, 6:30pm @ Don Giovanni’s in Mountain View, CA
  3. Annual Challenge Grant Kickoff: Donate this month for double the value to Foresight!

I. Foresight Announces Election of our New President

Foresight is proud to announce that Larry S. Millstein, Ph.D., J.D. has been elected President of the Institute by the Board of Directors. Larry has been a Foresight member since 1998. He was instrumental in establishing the Foresight Communication Prize in 2000 and in ensuring its funding since then; he has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2009. He has been interested in atomically and molecularly precise technologies for many years – since reading Nanosystems over a decade ago and strengthened by the development of mechanochemistry and the recent commercialization of single molecule DNA sequencing instruments.

“We are thrilled to have persuaded such a technically accomplished and experienced leader to be President of Foresight and to take on the task of accelerating the development of transformative nanotechnologies and their beneficial uses,” said Foresight co-founder and current President Christine Peterson, who will continue to be a member of the Board and active advisor to the Institute and will collaborate closely with senior staff in making the transition.

“I look forward to forging new tools for Foresight to catalyze the development of truly transformative technologies,” Larry says. “Foresight has a key role to play in forcefully communicating the power and potential of atomically precise technologies to transform the world in remarkably beneficial ways, and its activities will be a seminal catalyst for ideas and actions that will — by harnessing the power of atomic precision — realize some of humankind’s most fervently wished for goals.”

Larry has been very active for some time in educating and evangelizing the public on the beauty and power of science, arranging dozens of dinners and lectures with scientists and technologists in the Washington, DC area, particularly at the Cosmos Club. He founded and supports the Zimm Prize in Physical Chemistry at UCSD. He teaches on biotechnology (and on law) at Georgetown University. He developed the Emerging Technologies course there, which recently has been directed to NexGen DNA Sequencing Technologies and Personalized Genomics, and will soon turn to DNA Machines and Synthetic Genomics. He also teaches an introduction to Intellectual Property law to graduate students in the Biotechnology Program at Georgetown.

He is an author of a variety of scientific research articles and an inventor of several nucleic acid amplification methods and of inventions relating to molecular arrays and their manufacture. He has worked with inventors and written and prosecuted many patent applications on inventions in biotechnology and nanotechnology, and he has served in an in-house role for several start up companies.

Larry is a partner in Millen, White, Zelano & Branigan, PC, and Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry, Molecular & Cellular Biology and Chair of the Biotechnology Program Advisory Board at Georgetown University. He also is Treasurer and a member of the Board of the Washington Academy of Sciences and Program Chair, Past President and member of the Board of the Philosophical Society of Washington.

Larry earned his BS at CCNY-CUNY (Chemistry), his MS and PhD at the University of California-San Diego (Chemistry / Molecular Biology) and the Scripps Research Institute (where he did his graduate research with Joel Gottesfeld). He earned his JD at George Mason University, and is a graduate of the GMU Patent Law Specialty Track Program. He was a research professor at the University of Rochester before turning to law. And, as a lawyer, he was an associate at Foley & Lardner, served as Senior Patent Counsel at Human Genome Sciences, founded Millstein & Taylor and merged it a decade later with Holland & Knight, where he was a partner and led the biotechnology practice. He joined Millen White as a partner in 2008.

II. Meet The President: Dinner Reception Monday 12/12, 6:30pm @ Don Giovanni’s in Mountain View, CA

When: Monday December 12th, 2011, drinks/reception at 6:30, Dinner at 7:15pm
Where: Don Giovanni’s, 235 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA, 94041
RSVP: $40 to [email protected] via by midnight Saturday, 12/10/11
Meal options: List fish, chicken or vegetarian in your Paypal note!

Join us for an informal celebration reception and dinner with incoming Foresight Institute President Larry S. Millstein in Mountain View on Monday, 12 December 2011. We will be welcoming Larry on his first visit to our offices and chatting with him about his experiences, Foresight’s future and the power in transformative nanotechnology. He is looking forward to meeting members old, new, and prospective while he is here, especially Senior Associates. Please join us as we celebrate this year’s progress, present our thoughts on Foresight’s program for next year — and bring your own ideas and your enthusiasm for Foresight!

III. Annual Challenge Grant Kickoff: Donate this month for double the value to Foresight

This year, Foresight has again received a generous $30,000 Challenge Grant, where every dollar you donate between now and December 31st is matched and doubled.

Do you believe in Foresight’s vision of transformative nanotechnology? Did you enjoy the quality of this year’s conference and dinner lectures? Would you like to see us expand our youth outreach? If you would like to see these re-energized programs take off, now is a great time to support us by making your annual donation, or upgrade your membership.

Please send in your check, dated by Dec 31 to the address below, or donate online at:

Foresight Institute
PO Box 61058
Palo Alto, CA 94306 USA
main: 650-289-0860
fax: 650-289-0863

Or to find out more on how to help, contact Desiree Dudley at 650-289-0860, x259 or [email protected].

We are excited about our coming year. We hope you are, too!

Come help us create the future.

Christine Peterson, Co-Founder/President
Larry Millstein, President-Elect
Desiree Dudley, Director of Development and Outreach

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