Hotmail founder to build Nano City in India

Edward Iwata of USA Today reports that Hotmail founder Sabeer Bhatia has ambitious plans for India:

The most ambitious project may be “Nano City,” a $10 billion, environmentally sustainable development unveiled in April by entrepreneur Bhatia and the Haryana state government in northern India. Modeled after Silicon Valley, Nano City will feature R&D and educational centers and corporate offices for technology, biosciences and other “knowledge industries.”

“My goal is to build a model city of the future for the whole world,” says Bhatia, who hopes Nano City will be completed in 10 years.

This sounds excellent, but it also doesn’t sound closely focused on nanotech per se. From another story on Nano City:

Mr Chaudhary said that the State Government expected this city to cover technologies such as Nano Technology, Bio Sciences, Software Product Development, Next Generation Internet Products, Materials Research and Energy.

Further clarification on this point, this time from Mr. Bhatia in Red Herring:

The term ‘nano’ is used to represent all technologies of the future and does not restrict this city to development of nanotechnology-based technologies.

Although we at Foresight would prefer the project to focus more tightly on nanotech, especially atomically-precise manufacturing, we wish excellent success to Nano City. —Christine

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