How nanotechnology can help Hurricane Katrina victims

Scenarios have been written about how advanced nanotechnology could help victims of natural disasters, and those otherwise in need, in the future. And at the upcoming Foresight Conference we’ll be looking at how nanotech can provide clean water cheaply. But what can nanotech do, right now, for those affected by Hurricane Katrina?

Nothing, to my knowledge (send corrections if you know of something). But what the nanotech community can do today is send donations to relief organizations, and this blog encourages us all to do so as part of Foresight director (and Alpha Blogger) Glenn Reynolds’ blogburst to promote Flood Aid. Other nanotech bloggers are urged to participate in this blogburst. [UPDATE: I used Amazon to give to American Red Cross, and got a match from — you can too, until they reach their limit.]

While you have the credit card out: today is the last day to save $100 on your Foresight Conference registration. –CP

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