HP invests strongly in nanotech for chips

from the MSNBC-prefers-"subatomic"-tech dept.
From an MSNBC news story on new HP leader Carly Fiorina: The high-level patronage has reinvigorated morale throughout the labs. Until Ms. Fiorina arrived, Stan Williams, a researcher in nanotechnology, the science of manipulating atomic structures, had planned to move his lab to Agilent Technologies Inc., a test-and-measurement company spun off from H-P earlier this year. Now, H-P is building a new multimillion-dollar nanofabrication facility. It may not generate commercially useful work for years, but the investment could help H-P retain researchers in a field that one day could allow more powerful silicon chips to be ìgrownî by means of subatomic chemistry and physics, rather than manufactured in complex factories.
We assume the "subatomic" term came from MSNBC, not HP. Stan is a finalist for this year's Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology.

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