IBM reports major advance in nanotube-based transistors

from the Molectronics dept.
According to a press release (20 May 2002), IBM announced it has created "the highest performing nanotubes transistors to date and has proven that carbon nanotubes can outperform the leading silicon transistor prototypes available today". According to the release, the IBM researchers were able to achieve the highest transconductance (measure of the current carrying capability) of any carbon nanotube transistor to date. The company said, "With the announcement, IBM is taking carbon nanotubes . . . another step closer to becoming an option for replacing silicon transistors in future devices."

The announcement garnered widespread attention. Read more for additional details of the research and selected press coverage, as well as links to posts on earlier IBM nanotube-related research. Additional information on the IBM announcement on the web:

Thanks to Brian Wang and waynerad for submitting some of these items.

Previous IBM work, in which researchers at IBM created and demonstrated the world's first logic-performing computer circuit within a single-molecule device based on a carbon nanotube (a NOT gate), was reported here on Nanodot on 27 August 2001.

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