InfoWorld quizzes the NanoBusiness Alliance — sorta

A short piece in InfoWorld ("Time to think small", by InfoWorld Editor in Chief Michael Vizard, 5 April 2002) provides a not-very-informative interview with NanoBusiness Alliance Executive Director F. Mark Modzelewski and NBA board member Dave Holtzman, who try to "explain why nanotechnology is going to be the next big thing". I canít tell whether itís the questions or the answers, but the explanations donít grab me . . . A few of the better responses:

Modzelewski: "What we really try to do is bring together the pieces that are coming together in this industry across researchers, startups, universities, government officials, venture capitalists, and corporations. We want to start to get a dialogue going as to what the industry's going to need to get bigger [and] quicker."

Holtzman: "This is going to be a real game-changer, because you can do so much with limited resources. It takes away the home field advantage of having huge beds of natural resources in your country. You can create almost anything you want to with very limited resources. That's going to have to create some kind of a shift in world power as this technology continues."

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