ME Magazine highlights medical nanotech

from the backdate dept.
An article from the December 2001 issue of Mechanical Engineering magazine ("The engineered course of treatment", by Mauro Ferrari and Jun Liu), a publication of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is now available online. The article says, "Use of nanoscale devices is helping to revolutionize medical treatment and research." Ferrari is a professor of internal medicine and mechanical engineering and director of the Biomedical Engineering Center at Ohio State University in Columbus. Jun Liu is a doctoral candidate in his group.

In their article, Ferrari and Liu assert, "The ability to engineer devices and their components at the nanoscale level will revolutionize medicineóand the biomedical disciplines in general. There is a simple reason for this: Whatever we put into the body, in order to be therapeutically effective, must mimic the basic biological structure it replaces or augments. And biology is intrinsically and without exception multiscale, with hierarchies of ordered components comprising complex architectures of smaller, ordered components, all the way down to the molecular or atomic levelóthe nano level, precisely."

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