IMM Prizes in Computational Nanotechnology for 2004

Tim Fonseca writes "Greetings,

This is not a story, but a question. My question concerns my qualifications for entering my nanomedicine image renderings in the "IMM Prizes in Computational Nanotechnology for 2004 Art Contest" The IMM webpage mentions that submissions can be sent to Nanodot. Here I am at Nanodot, and damned if I can find a place to submit an image entrie. Please browse through my Nanobot Galleries, on my website. Let me know if my nano images qualify for the "design" and "rendering" categories of the 2004 IMM contest. Can one do a time reversal and enter the 2003 IMM contest, too, since no one won that year? As you can see, pride does not standeth in my wayeth.

Tim Fonseca"

The editors of nanodot apologize to Tim that it took so long to work back to his submission which is now ~6 months old.

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