In Realis releases an investor

According to a press release (27 February 2002), In Realis, a Silicon Valley consulting firm, has released a free report titled A Critical Investor's Guide to Nanotechnology. Steven Glapa of In Realis writes "In Realis has taken a hard look at the current state of the nanotech market to cut through the mounting hype and offer a clearer vision of the business prospects in the field. Our investigation has covered more than 400 recent research publications, government grants, and patent applications; over 225 companies worldwide that are actively engaged in nanotech commercialization; and adoption prospects in 350 primary industry sectors. After calibrating this 'library work' via in-depth discussions with researchers from both academia and the private sector, we have assembled a report designed for prospective investors and entrepreneurs that offers a concise but thorough orientation on the current state of the field, its likely economic impact in the medium term, and specific recommendations for the best applications of private-sector funds and talent in the near term. The report is available free of charge at"

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