In topsy-turvy nano, 'crackpots' seem downright reasonable..

HLovy writes "So, what's a nice nanotech entrepreneur like James Clements doing in a place like this?

The founder of Nanosciences Inc., a man with impeccable business credentials, has apparently fallen in with a bad crowd, hanging out here with a bunch of "crackpot" scientists at last weekend's 11th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology.

That's the sort of reaction Clements almost universally received from fellow nanotechnology business people when he told them he planned to attend this gathering. Foresight is a nonprofit collection of folks who have been dreaming for decades of a nanotechnology that has yet to exist. It's the one envisioned in 1986 by Eric Drexler in "Engines of Creation," of molecular assemblers that can rearrange atoms into any way permitted by the laws of physics, the nanotechnology that existed in theory before the "n" word morphed into sunscreen, pants and "nanobusiness."

"Crackpots," Clements said, and "too SciFi," were the comments he kept getting from other nanotech entrepreneurs. "I still find it absolutely amazing that one early-adoption population considers another early adoption population a bit too 'out there.' "

For the complete story, please see Small Times."

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