Intelligent nanoparticle systems?

Carsten Zander writes Intelligent nanoparticle systems? Here is an (hypothetical) example:
An "intelligent" nanoparticle unit could imitate a neural network. It could be a simple mixture of a few nanoparticles N and o:

N o N o N
o N o N o
N o N o N
o N o N o
N: Its state fluctuates. A neuron – a cell of the neural network.
o: Particle with memory properties. Represents the kind of connection between N-cells

The goal is to create a desired physical(!), chemical(!), mechanical(!) or information-processing behavior of the "intelligent" nanoparticle unit – by a simple "evolution" process.

Such "intelligent" nanoparticle unit is organised a way that it is always able to create the correct conditions at the correct time and at the correct place, depending on the instantaneous values of certain ambient conditions.

Here is a text for details and for motivation:

Carsten Zander

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