Interactive Fractal 3d Worlds

from the Friday-frivolity dept.
planetp writes "I just wanted to inform everyone who hasn't already seen this fantasic new software program to give it a look. Its called MojoWorld by Pandromeda and was started by Doc "Mojo" Musgrave who worked with Benoit Mendelbrot and who is credited with being the first to implement multifractals. You can download the Mojo Transporter for free and explore the six planets that come with it. The Real-Time flying alone is worth several all-nighters – of which I can attest! 🙂 With the ability to explore entire planets to scale in detail as little as rocks, rendering to both image and full scale animation in achinging beautiful detail, this program is a genuine breatkthrough. Doc Mojo syas that the program is so power-hungry that he couldn't have released it even a year earlier. Given future speeds in desktop computation REAL VR will have finally arrived.

The site has lots of beautiful, alien and extremely realistic earthlike renderings that will make you drool for the power to create your own planets."

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