Interview of Nanomedicine author Robert Freitas

For those interested in the longer-term applications of advanced nanotech to medicine — Over at, Sander Olson interviews (part 1 and part 2) Robert Freitas, prolific author of Nanomedicine and many other works on related topics:

“…I immediately realized that medicine would be the single most important application area of this new technology.  In particular, nanomedicine offered a chance for significant healthspan (healthy lifespan) extension.  It also appeared that this objective could possibly be achieved within the several decades of life actuarially remaining to me and others of my generation.  But was anyone pushing it forward?  I contacted the Foresight Institute and learned that nobody had yet written any systematic treatment of this area, nor was anyone planning to do so in the near future.  So I took up the challenge of writing Nanomedicine, the first book-length technical discussion of the potential medical applications of molecular nanotechnology and medical nanorobotics.”

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