Interview With Robert A. Freitas Jr. on NanoNewsNe

Svidinenko Yuriy writes "We have new article – nanomedicine-related interview with Robert A. Freitas Jr. "Robert A. Freitas Jr., J.D., has degrees in physics, psychology, and law, and has written nearly 100 technical papers, book chapters, or popular articles on a diverse set of scientific, engineering, and legal topics. He is is author of "Nanomedicine", the first book to comprehensively address the technical issues involved in the medical applications of molecular nanotechnology and medical nanodevice design. His book is well-known in Russia and our site provides translation to russian some Robert's science articles. So our visitors and members have some nanomedicine-related questions to Mr. Freitas. Site administration sincerely thanks to Robert A. Freitas Jr. to this interview." Link to full text avialable here: tter&func=viewpub&tid=4&pid=3 Sincerely, Nanotechnology News Network."

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