Investors comment on nanotech as industry

from the at-least-nano-has-a-business-model dept.
"Nanotech Offers Some There, There" by Ann Thayer (Chemical & Engineering News, 11/26/01, not easy to access) discusses the nanotech industry and current investor interest. Galway Partners' Chris Anzalone: "I believe there will be a nanotech boom over the next three to five years. The difference [from dot.coms], of course, is that there will be more there, there." Merrill Lynch's John Roy: "Where there's smoke, there's fire. Nanotechnology is closer than we think, and we need to be watching this. Although no one knows how big this will be, we do know that it never will match the hype." (Might Mr. Roy someday wish he'd left off that last comment?) A chart shows that venture capital is already about double US federal spending on "nanotechnology".

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