IP in the emerging nanoelectronics business

from the grabbing-your-share dept.
Shootout at the IP Corral, an article by Sandra Helsel dated October 4, 2002, presents an interview with two IP specialists from the San Diego office of Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison, LLP, focusing on IP and patent protection for nanoelectronics. "Nanotechnology is new, and this means a lot of possible patent protection could be very broad…This is a time of great opportunity; nanotechnology is such a wide-open field right now. It's rather like a land grab in the Wild West." For more on nanotechnology intellectual property, the September 24, 2002 issue of the Nanobusiness Alliance E-News contains a guest article "Intellectual Property Rights in Nanotechnology" by Behfar Bastani and Dennis Fernandez of Fernandez & Associates, LLP

Intellectual property rights are essential in today's technology-driven age. Building a strategic IP portfolio is economically important from both an offensive and defensive standpoint. Applicable areas in Nanotechnology to which intellectual property rights can apply are presented. Some challenging issues surrounding the acquisition of IP rights in Nanotechnology are also presented.

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