IQ genes identified in humans?

from the now-we'll-really-see-who's-so-smart dept.
Senior Associate John Gilmore of EFF brings to our attention this item from BBC News. Excerpts: "US researchers believe they have identified the parts of the human genome involved in developing a person's intelligence. This means scientists could soon test the potential intelligence of new-born babies…The researchers, working for the US National Institutes of Health, analysed the DNA of 200 of the brightest kids in America and compared them with the genetic material from ordinary children. The results are due out next year, but the BBC Newsnight programme has learned that key differences have been found. In other words, the scientists are homing in on the genes for genius…[According] to Jeremy Rifkin…'Every parent wants the best for their child,' said Rifkin. 'In the future, the parent could become an architect and each child the ultimate shopping experience.' "

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