Small Times reports on NanoBiotech conference

from the roving-reporter dept.
Small Times correspondent Jayne Fried filed a pair of interesting reports from the IBC NanoBiotechnology conference, which was held 16-17 July 2001. The Foresight Institute was a sponsoring organization for the conference.

The first article ("Nanotech's next challege is building a common model, language", 19 July 2001) notes that combining theory and computation with experiment is critical for rapid progress in nanotechnology, and quotes from a presentation by CalTech's William Goddard, who said computational chemistry, computational biology and computational materials science will play an essential role in designing, characterizing and optimizing nanoscale devices and machines.

A second article ("Venture capitalists listen, learn as scientists discuss nanobiotech", 17 July 2001) discusses interest expressed by potential investors who attended the conference on nanobiotechnology.

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