Kadamose (G-Man calls for censoring offensive posts)

from the (Sigh) dept.
G-Man writes: "To whom it concerns,

this is a complaint about one your nanodot.org users, his userID is Kadamose. I only wish to bring to your attention some rather questionable comments, one's such as,

"Couldn't have said it better myself. Personally, I don't give a shit about the Sept.11 attacks, mainly because I know that we all deserved it – and hell, we were warned a month ahead of time but nothing was taken seriously, and thus, the arrogant fools are paying for it. I'm actually surprised we weren' attacked years ago…most Americans are ignorant dickheads (especially our braindead politicians) and the world would definitely be alot better off without them." [Editor's note: for the sake of context, the comments appeared here.]

I find and, I'm sure, most people will find comments like this to be offensive, not due to his language but more of what has happened to the US in the past couple of months. I for one had lived in New York and don't appreciate what he has to say.

Is there anyway we can have him removed from this forum?

Thanks for your time."

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