Korea sets ambitious nanotechnology goals for 2020

Korea sets ambitious nanotechnology goals for 2020

Korea.net informs us of challenging nanotechnology goals for that country:

An ambitious government plan seeks to make Korea one of the top three countries for nanotechnology by 2020…

“By securing more than 50 of the finest international nanotechnologies by 2020, Korea will create a new industry to emerge as a top three nanotechnology power and control 20 percent ($500 billion) of the global nanotechnology market,” a ministry statement said.

Which other countries have clear plans — public or private — to reach their 2020 nanotech goals? —Christine

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  1. Michael Gusek January 24, 2008 at 10:43 am - Reply

    China for one has a very ambitious plan which includes training in the U.S..

    Competitive pressures are going to make this a very high priority very soon.

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