Kurzweil, Gilmore join Foresight Board of Advisors

from the brain-trust dept.
Foresight Institute is pleased to announce that Ray Kurzweil, noted author, inventor and technologist, and John Gilmore, an equally-distinguished computer expert and open-source advocate, have joined the Foresight Instituteís Board of Advisors.

"I'm excited to strengthen my relationship with the Foresight Institute, an organization that has been contributing important insights into multifarious intersecting technological revolutions, while addressing how best to foster their promise while avoiding their peril," Kurzweil said.

"Foresight has been advising me on the social impacts of technology for more than a decade," said Gilmore. "I'm pleased to be able to advise Foresight in areas where I happen to know more. We've been talking about successful business models that don't limit peoples' right to make copies. We're also seeking to understand the conflicts between absolute intellectual property protection and our society's foundational rights of inquiry, expression, and competition."

More information about the new Foresight Advisors can be found on the home pages of John Gilmore and Ray Kurzweil.

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