Last chance to have your 2000 donation doubled

from the and-now-a-word-from-our-sponsor dept.
Sunday, December 31, is the last day to have your tax-year-2000 donation to Foresight doubled by our $35,000 Challenge Grant. To get your year 2000 U.S. federal tax deduction: donate online, fax, or write your check by tomorrow. (Donations to Foresight are tax-deductible in the U.S. to the full extent allowed by law.) Save more by donating stock. Read more for the various options, from $5K and up, down to $45 or even $0. Become a Foresight Senior Associate at $250 to $5000 annually:

Join as a Foresight regular member at $45 and up:

Can't give $45? Hey, we understand. Be an electronic member for free:

Details on the Challenge Grant:

Donating stock for added tax benefits to the donor (you):

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