Life extension & Cryostasis conference report

from the where-to-stay-when-you're-REALLY-under-the-weather dept.
Miss the Alcor conference at Asilomar this year? That's unfortunate, but you can get a vague idea of what it was like from this media writeup, which doesn't have too many errors: "Mr Drexler's presence at the conference–he has become something of a media recluse–could be explained by the fact that it was organised by the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. He is on the scientific advisory board of Alcor, best known perhaps as the largest US cryonics foundation. At its freezer facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, 38 dead people, including one Australian, are in suspended animation awaiting a miracle of future technology to bring them back to life." We prefer the term "temperaturely-challenged".

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