Long-term nanotech explored in CRN essays

For those of us interested in longer-term nanotechnology issues, CRN has released a set of eleven essays by visionary writers, most of whom will be familiar names from their having participated in Foresight conferences over the years:

Kurzweil, Ray – “Nanotechnology Dangers and Defenses”
Freitas, Robert A. Jr. – “Molecular Manufacturing: Too Dangerous to Allow?”
Treder, Mike – “Nano-Guns, Nano-Germs, and Nano-Steel”
Cowper, Tom – “Molecular Manufacturing and 21st Century Policing”
Phoenix, Chris – “The Need For Limits”
Prisco, Giulio – “Globalization and Open Source Nano Economy”
Broderick, Damien – “Cultural Dominants and Differential MNT Uptake”
Lin, Patrick & Allhoff, Fritz – “Nanoethics and Human Enhancement”
Vita-More, Natasha – “Strategic Sustainable Brain”
Hall, J. Storrs – “Is AI Near a Takeoff Point?”
Brin, David – “Singularities and Nightmares: The Range of Our Futures”

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