Los Angeles: MNT & Space talk, Aug 19

from the ad-astra-per-nano dept.
Senior Associate TomMcKendree will speak on space applications of advanced nanotech at the LA Nanotechnology Study Group:
Title: Appropriately Ambitious Aerospace Goals: A Reprise of the Keynote Address to NASA's "Turning Goals Into Reality" Conference
Molecular nanotechnology (MNT) offers a number of capabilities that can dramatically improve aerospace systems (such as aircraft and spaceships). Tom McKendree is completing a Ph.D. that looks specifically at space applications of MNT, and was thus invited to give the keynote to NASA's recent Turning Goals Into Reality conference, where NASA reviewed their last year of technology research, and planned for the future. This talk is a second presentation of that keynote. It focuses on MNT-based air transportation, space transportation, and advanced concepts, tying these to NASA's previously stated technology goals, and outlining what appropriate goals for the next century that take advantage of MNT would be. The talk should be interesting to anyone interested in space technology, or applications of robust MNT. Read More to attend. The next meeting of the Los Angeles Nanotechnology Study Group (LANSG) will be held on this coming Saturday, August 19th, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at 16639 Calneva Drive, Encino, California. Please contact [email protected] (818-817-7662) if you need directions or have any further questions. If you plan on attending, please RSVP with [email protected] m.

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