Bell Labs president: visionary view of nanotech

In a talk for NanoBusiness 2005, Bell Labs president Jeffrey Jaffe gave a visionary perspective: “During his keynote address, Jaffe said that the pieces are falling in place to create nanotechnology-enabled communications networks that allow people to converse over great distances, while feeling as if they’re in the same room…Ultimately, according to Jaffe’s vision, tiny wireless transmitters, cameras and even sensors that can register odors could be strung together and connected to wider networks to allow people conversing virtually to hear, feel and smell all the same things, despite being physically separated…Jaffe’s vision sounds like science fiction. But the ability to create the building blocks that will make it possible is here today, thanks to nanotechnology research taking place at Bell Labs, which is headquartered in Murray Hill, N.J.” As reported by John Spooner on [Maybe we should all read more science fiction.–CP]

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