Mass producable nanotubes, room temp

Brian Wang writes "South Korean scientists found a simple way to produce high-purity single-walled carbon nanotubes en masse, the vital materials for nanotechnology, under ambient conditions.

Until now, scientists created the substances at high temperatures ranging from 700 to 2,000 degrees Celsius. But the yield rate was still below 70 percent and purity was between 70 to 95 percent, even after multi-step purification processes.

By contrast, Park's team used the chemical effects of ultrasound and a liquid solution to make nanotubes at atmospheric pressure and room temperature.

The newfound method worked handsomely as it enabled volume production of high-purity nanotubes without a purification process and its yield rate also improved to more than 90 percent. Mass Production of Carbon Nanotube Becomes Possible"

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