Medical nanobots: Nanotechnology desired but not here yet

Medical nanobots: Nanotechnology desired but not here yet

Marvin Hofberg of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine sends info on nanotechnology for medicine and longevity:

Among the scientific and medical phenomena unveiled at the Eighth Congress that are projected to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare and, as a result, improve the quality and extend the quantity of the human lifespan:

• Nanobots, fleets of microscopic robots that are programmed to identify disease sites and administer treatment targeted to the affected cells. Time until full clinical application: 3 years.

…Remarks Dr. Klatz, “What was speculative technology just five years ago is now medical reality, and realization of the full implications of many advancements is now a mere 1-2 years away. This is a strikingly profound alteration of the course of humankind’s arrival at practical immortality. Each of us alive today now has a real chance to live, and live well, at age 150.”

We at Foresight are in favor of both near-term nanomedicine and long-term medical nanorobotics, for everything from fighting cancer to promoting longevity. But the problem with the above is that it’s from a 2000 conference. Where is the “full clinical application” of “nanobots”, even broadly defined? Let’s try to temper our optimism with realism as well. —Christine

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  1. James Gentile July 6, 2007 at 7:18 pm - Reply

    This person being wrong does not mean others are wrong, and nanotech may well be possible in a few years, or it may not, we will just have to see.

  2. soneka August 10, 2007 at 5:19 am - Reply

    can they be kept in check wat happens in the case of a nanobot mulfunction in a human body?who will repare the nanobot?and how will they even extract the nanobot from the body?how will they know which one has mullfunctioned?it would be able to destroy millions of cells in the body,possibly faster the a virus,are we ready to take such risks with our bodies?

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