Meet the nanotechnology president

Which country has the Nanotechnology President? Why, India, of course! See the text of President Kalam’s most recent speech on the subject. Excerpts (link added — hope I found the right report):

“I am sure; there is an important message for all of us for nurturing young talent for all scientific research work particularly in nano-science and nano-technology…I would suggest to the government to set apart sufficient funds on non-lapsable basis for nano-technology commercialization, and I would like industries to take a lead in this matter. Simultaneously, there is a need to take action to build the human resource required for undertaking the challenging tasks in this new sector. I would recommend the nano-technology community, particularly, the industrialists to read the book titled “Nano-Technology Market and Company Report” – finding hidden pearls prepared by Deutsche Bank and other experts, with details of over 350 nanocompanies and interviews with over 100 entrepreneurs…I request the scientific, research, industrial and business community assembled from India and US and other participants to embark on a goal oriented research, development and commercialization missions on nano science and technologies for societal applications. Encourage the youth to take up the challenge in these missions with international collaborations.”

Based on this speech, perhaps it would be more accurate to describe Dr. Kalam as “the Nanotechnology Commercialization President.” The company which produced the cited report must be quite pleased. —Christine

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