Merging of optical and electrical technologies

Though the size scales are not precisely "nanoscale". The merging of transistors with quantum dots suggests that we are going there.

See: New Transistor Laser Could Lead To Faster Signal Processing.

Ed note. This is yet another area which was not covered in Nanosystems (not that it could cover everything) — but we have no concept with regard to what the limits may be in nanomagnetics, nanoopticalelectronics, nanosupercondunction, etc. These limits are still largely unexplored. Hell, we don't even know the limits of things from drug synthesis technology (and therefore minimum production costs) to DNA sequencing technology (so one can know your precise genome on a generic basis to knowing your precise genome on a cellular basis). Without those your physician is effectively operating blindfolded.

So we are operating blind at a number of developmental levels and if we want humanity to make the fastest possible progress we should fix that.

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